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How to view the World's Toughest Race - featuring Bear Grylls and Team Gippsland Adventure

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The World's Toughest Race -Eco-challenge Fiji premiere's on 14th August 2020 on Amazon Prime. But what exactly IS Amazon Prime? A lot of Australian's would not have realised that Amazon- the company famous for selling books, and then everything else, has an online streaming platform just like Netflix and Disney+.

Eco-Challenge is the most recognisable brand in Adventure Racing and largely responsible for the huge interest in the sport from the first event in 1995 to the 2002 event in Fiji. Mark Burnett, the Race Director and series executive produced the now famous race coverage that aired on Discovery Channel. Burnett then when onto produce other famous shows such as Survivor, The Apprentice, and Shark Tank.

Amazon Prime has a free 30 day trial available in Australia (different in other countries).

This trial gives you access to 10 episodes of World's Toughest Race, but also a huge range of other digital streaming content, free shipping on eligible Amazon purchases, online music content and ebooks, and much more.

And cheer on Team Gippsland Adventure, and the 5 other Aussie teams.

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