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Team Australia (aka Team Thought Sports) return to One Water Race in 2023.

After a successful 2nd place at the inaugural One Water Race in Stockholm last August, Thought Sports have again been selected to join the startlist again in 2023. The team outperformed all expectations last year in their first ever swimrun event to be one of only 3 teams to complete the 250km course in less than 65 hours. With another year of training and the experience from last year, Team Australia can't wait for the opportunity to fight for the win.

Meet Team 2 – Australia Team 2 – Australia will include Rob Preston, Elizabeth Dornom, Glenn Wilkinson and Julian Dent. Coming from a strong adventure racing and endurance background they have put in the hard work to transform their skills for OWR and finished second, when competed as Team 8 Australia in 2022.

“Now we have unfinished business in the Archipelago – we want to be on top of the podium!”

They will use their experience in ultra endurance events to balance speed and navigation to ensure to keep on course and keep mistakes to a minimum. Rob’s exceptional navigation skills will be complimented by Elizabeth’s all-round physical strengths and Glenn’s swimming prowess will allow them to keep moving fast, and in the right direction. Combine this with Julian’s exceptional organizational and tactical knowledge and now an extra year of experience, their goal is to be unbeatable.

”The 2022 OWR showed I was still able to push through boundaries I didn’t think I could break, and achieve a team result that I am very proud of. With the added knowledge I have learned from the experience I feel we can push harder in 2023.”

Rob Preston, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

“Now that it has been proven that OWR is possible to complete, I want to see how fast it can be done and how much experience counts for in a race like this. It will be interesting to see how I can deal with these new challenges in a now somewhat familiar situation. OWR 2022 was a huge highlight and it continues to get me excited about it every time I think about it.”

Elizabeth Dornom, Melbourne, Australia

“OWR was the hardest race I have completed to date and the burning desire to race again is deep! The race has an addictive aura about it and I cant wait to race again if given the opportunity. The mind and body processes so many emotions and overcome so many obstacles during the event the reaching the finish line is the best feeling one could hope for.” Glenn Wilkinson, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

“Looking forward to the challenge and the adventure together with a team. The road towards the race, including preparation, planning, training and doing this together with teammates. Finally – to execute the race and face challenges as they come up during the race.” Julian Dent, Terrigal, Australia


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