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PURSUIT EVENT - Still hard, but with mum's cooked pasta in TA

The PURSUIT event takes the existing ExpeditionAR concept and makes some subtle changes that creates an exciting racing experience and opens the door to a wider range of expedition racers. On the course it will be very much a true ExpeditionAR experience, with teams taking on the best of Australia’s epic wilderness. Teams are required to provide support crews to help with logisitics and to care for your team along the way. 

The course design is based around the PURE event, but with certain stages either shortened, removed or adapted to give Pursuit teams more chance to complete the full course in the time allowed. Typically, a Pursuit course will be somewhere between 100-150km shorter than a PURE course.


The organisers try to retain as much adventure and challenging navigation as possible to ensure that Pursuit competitors get a fulfilling and memorable event.  Teams entering the Pursuit catergory should see the event as a great entry point to expedition racing, but it is a very serious challenge which requires good backcountry skills and thorough knowledge of how to negotiate the Australian wilderness.

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