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EA Pure is the ultimate expedition adventure racing experience with teams travelling between 500 and 700km through the wilderness for up to 7 days. PURE represents the most technically challenging adventure racing in the world and teams should prepare accordingly. Entry numbers are limited and the event is expected to sell out.


All teams should consider carefully whether they have the requisite skills, physical and mental strength to complete the PURE event given the technical difficulty and course length. For teams or competitors uncertain about their ability, or those who have not done a race of this length or magnitude before, the advice is to do the PURSUIT event. This event has all the challenges, strategy, thrill of racing hard in the wilderness, but is more achievable, particularly for first timers.

Expedition races are not all created equal. Overseas or international teams who have completed other events should take the PURE event extremely seriously. Chapter 1 showed teams needed to be well rounded with physical fitness and navigation skills or be prepared to spend some long days and nights keeping the dot watchers entertained (and the race directors pulling out their hair!). 


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