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One quick note: Duplicated items for different discipline of the Mandatory Gear List may be the same item. Ie, if you require glow sticks for kayaking and packrafting, they can be the same glow sticks. You just need to ensure that when you are on the stage in question, you are carrying the requisite items as set out.

A more important note: The First Aid list above is the MINIMUM required and is in place to deal with ‘trauma’-style injuries and acute blood loss. However, by far the most common injuries or illnesses in expedition events are due to cold/heat, gastrointestinal complaints or are foot related. We highly recommend you consider, as a team, what other items you may require (electrolytes, immodium, blister dressings, foot lubricant, etc). It is important that you and your team mates take personal responsibility for understanding the practical application of the above items. In most cases you will be the first responder to any injuries within your team. We will have a number of trained medical staff positioned around the course but they are there to deal with emergencies and will not be available to deal with standard AR-related injuries such as sore feet, blisters and chaff. With a number of teams only coming together just before the event it is important that you talk together about any medical issues you may have, however personal. For those of you who have personal medication e.g. inhalers, please carry a spare with you when out on the Event (not just in transition bag).

And one final note for good measure: A far more detailed outline of what you MUST carry on each stage will be provided in the Race Handbook which, you will usually receive the day before the race starts/after Registration. In some instances, we may elect to remove certain items of Mandatory Equipment where they do not add any meaningful safety benefit (eg., a short and vanilla bike stage might not require teams to carry a tent, sleeping bags, etc). Conversely, we may ask you to take a wetsuit/drysuit on a coasteering/swimming stage if it is deemed appropriate. We hope you get the picture!

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