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World Obstacle has recognised Adventure1 (A1) as the official World Cup partner for Adventure Racing

The international governing body for ninja, obstacle course racing and adventure racing said the support of the adventure race producer was an important moment in its growth.

"The Adventure 1 World Cup fulfils a demand from adventure athletes throughout the world to compete in truly world-class events," said World Obstacle President Ian Adamson.

"The races have a proven record with excellent reviews from athletes and event producers globally and is a natural fit with World Obstacle. Our collaboration with Adventure 1 provides an accessible format for athletes to compete in this exciting sport.

We are thrilled to assist the growth of adventure racing as we expand the series worldwide."

World Obstacle was granted observer status by the Global Association of International Sports Federations in October.

Next year’s World Cup Adventure Racing Series is set to include events in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania, before culminating in New Zealand for the World Cup Final between December 1 and 4.

"Adventure 1 is proud to be sanctioned as the World Cup and World Cup Finals for adventure racing," said A1 founder Todd Vickery.

"Recognition from World Obstacle validates the sport and is an important step in uniting adventure racers globally. We have worked hard for the past five years to provide a system and event structure that represent the needs of the athletes and event producers worldwide."

Meanwhile, World Obstacle also announced that its first officially sanctioned Adventure Racing World Championships are set to be held in 2023, although the race format and location has yet to be revealed.

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